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IBEW 11 – Gianni Martinez

Design, Innovation, Vision
About This Project

IBEW Local Union 11 is the dynamic and progressive voice of the Electrical Construction Industry in Los Angeles. We are a movement for social justice, safe jobsites, training, green jobs and opportunity for all based in Los Angeles, California. IBEW 11 represents our 12,000 Electricians, Communications and Systems Installers, Transportation Systems Journeyman, Civil Service Electricians, Apprentices, Construction Wireman and Construction Electricians. We are proud of our recent affiliation with the EAA which represents approximately 4,800 City employees who are employed in every City department and Bureau and work at almost every one of the City’s hundreds of work locations. Our members are involved in every aspect of service to the citizens of this great city. We work with business, labor, community, environmental organizations, clergy and anyone else who is working toward making a better Los Angeles.